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Event for obhijatree AALPS - Hosted by Abdullah Tahir Chowdhury and Obhijatree AALPS.

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Our Mission

We are in the mission to champion you to become stronger and more spirited - with the power of "structured training” Join our training programmes or become a trainer - AALPS is always there for you if you want to take a step towards wellbeing.

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Our Work

AALPS Fitness Programme

Join the fitness revolution with AALPS - Train with our athletes structurally and be the best version of yourself! 

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AALPS Yoga Programme

Coming soon to help you be the best version of yourself with the best yoga mentor... your progress is at your own hand now... 

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Be An Athlete Leader

Are you an competitive athlete? Do you want to change the world by promoting health and well-being with your contribution and leadership? If yes, do not wait to send your profile to us and explore various opportunities. At AALPS we practice athlete led wellbeing practice.

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Listen From Few of Our Athletes

Frequently Asked Questions

AALPS (Athletic And Leadership Performance System) is the first athlete led physical and mental well-being programme in Bangladesh.
Our mission is to create athletes from the community and equip them with leadership skill. And then create a healthy society by the combined leadership and athletic ability of the athletes. We specially encourage women and children to take part in our training sessions, camps and events!
A team of champion and International podium holder athletes are working behind AALPS. For the last 6 years, we have been training community based athletes towards the road to glory and self improvement. We are committed to create real athletic inspiration and a culture of wellbeing in the society.
  1. Train under the champion athletes: Be a member of AALPS Fitness Club Network – stay active and fit which is led by real athletes and get Structured Training Plans
  2. Be an Athlete Leader: If you are competitive athlete and want to contribute to the world with your gift - join our Athletic Leadership Certification Programmes (ALCP) and be an athlete leader
  3. Join our camps - Athletic Performance Camps run by the champions to make future Champions
  4. Join our Group/ Organizational Training programmes – we will make your work life filled with fun, vigour and energy.
Please visit our training portal: [Training.aalps.org](http://training.aalps.org) to visit all the current and upcoming training programmes of AALPS.
We aim to set Athlete Led Community fitness and wellbeing programme in the 64 districts of Bangladesh. The key area of our training is inclusion of women and children in our athlete led group training programmes.

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