Hello! Welcome to AALPS!

Started in 2015, we are the first athlete led health & well-being programme of Bangladesh!

Our Mantra is - 'Leadership Through Sports'.

We exist to help enabling a generation to thrive - based on the spirits of “Sports and Athletics” As sports and athletics are a great enabler in the world towards health, happiness, well-being, positivity and friendship. We do so by empowering current and emerging athletes and cascade the values of sportsmanship, healthy living, discipline and inclusivity to the greater society through training, volunteering and meaningful projects.


We launched the first digital training portal of Bangladesh to ensure fitness and wellbeing is accessible to all.

Completed #1200+ Hours of free Training Sessions

Since 2015 Our athlete leaders has Conducted #400+ Numbers of free on ground athletic training sessions to build emerging athletes.

International Cross Country Cycling Expeditions #12

Our athletes raised funds for #5 charities (UNICEF/ Myanmar Autism Association/ Primary School in Bhutan/ Orphanages in Bangladesh)

Number of Group Members #2500+

AALPS has been working on transforming amateur athletes and community members as Athlete Leaders

Total Number of Podium Wins #49

Number of Local Podium Wins #45 Number of International Podium Wins: #4


After a year of piloting, we have designed fitness, wellbeing project 'Redstone Repeaters' to build fitness and sportsman spirit among kids between 6 to 14 years.

Our Mission

We are in the mission to champion you to become stronger and more spirited - with the power of "structured training” Join our training programmes or become a trainer - AALPS is always there for you if you want to take a step towards wellbeing.

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